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https://youtu.be/lVps1GZZJKc This flag is 35.75” x 71” and it is the largest flag that I have made so far. Making a flag this size is a little more challenging than making the small flags, yet they are still made pretty much the same way. The main...

https://youtu.be/tSQY8_gzF3A This is the 13” x 24.5” flag. This was a special order from a lady that had lost her father to Alzheimer's and her mother to Cancer. She said that she was wanting a flag that had both purple and pink, possibly a pink line...

https://youtu.be/2h6DAi5HXmQ DIY Wooden American Flag Helpful Hints Here are a few things that I've learned since I started making the flags. After you have torched the front of the flag, flip the flag over, face down. Before you put the flag together by attaching the strips to the...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw8VklgqoVw This is my medium sized flag, it is 19.5” x 37”. Though this project may look difficult because of all the detail, it's still as simple as following the lines with the Dremel tool. The Marine flag is made just like the flag in my Rustic...

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