DIY Wooden American Marine Flag

This is my medium sized flag, it is 19.5” x 37”. Though this project may look difficult because of all the detail, it’s still as simple as following the lines with the Dremel tool.

The Marine flag is made just like the flag in my Rustic Torched American Flag DIY video with the only difference being that I added the Marine emblem to the center of the union.

Once your flag is made and ready for the stars, find a Marine emblem online and print it on a standard size piece of paper.

Use a tape measure to find the center of the union and mark it, then find the center of the Marine emblem that you printed and mark that.

Now you can use those center marks to line up the Marine emblem in the center of the union. You can also place your star stencil over the emblem to help align the emblem, making sure it is in the center of the stars.

Once you have the emblem where you want it, place a pice of carbon paper under the paper that the emblem is printed on.

Now use a pencil, pressing firmly, to trace the lines on the paper, this will transfer the emblem to the union on the flag.

Once you have the emblem transferred to the union, use a Dremel tool with a #106 carving bit and follow the lines that have been transferred onto the union. You may need to go over some of the lines a couple times to make them more visible and stand out like you want.

After you have carved the emblem onto the union, place your star stencil onto the union and mark all of the stars that aren’t touching the emblem.

When you have marked all of the stars in the union, use the Dremel tool with the same carving bit and follow the lines on all of the stars and remove the top layer of scorched wood from the center of each star.

When the union is complete with the emblem and the stars, use the torch to darken or antique the stars and the stripes that were not scorched earlier.

Apply the spray clear coat, let dry and add a hanger on he back and you’re ready to display your work.

Good luck and thank you for visiting

Jeff Furr