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https://youtu.be/JlrV2KWDzkE   After many emails and messages about the colors of stain that I use, I decided to call Minwax and find out why people could not find the colors that I have been using. After speaking to the representative at Minwax, I had the answer, it...

https://youtu.be/lVps1GZZJKc This flag is 35.75” x 71” and it is the largest flag that I have made so far. Making a flag this size is a little more challenging than making the small flags, yet they are still made pretty much the same way. The main...

https://youtu.be/i-H8rF2uGfo This plaque is a result of one of the many tips and suggestions that I have received from some of my viewers. Chris Rader made a rustic flag after watching one of my videos. He did a great job on the flag and later, Chris...

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