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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw8VklgqoVw This is my medium sized flag, it is 19.5” x 37”. Though this project may look difficult because of all the detail, it's still as simple as following the lines with the Dremel tool. The Marine flag is made just like the flag in my Rustic...

https://youtu.be/Hlky0zaPuls I started my first flag by using old barn wood, which looks good but is pretty hard to come by. I realized after I finished the flag that I had put the stars in the union upside down. At that point, I was pretty discouraged...

https://youtu.be/i-H8rF2uGfo This plaque is a result of one of the many tips and suggestions that I have received from some of my viewers. Chris Rader made a rustic flag after watching one of my videos. He did a great job on the flag and later, Chris...

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