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https://youtu.be/E0BbGwE8wZI I purchased this box Stand approximately 25 years ago and it looks as good today as it did then. The only reason for taking the Blynd down is because it's time to upgrade from the short door to the walkthrough door. I recently received the...

https://youtu.be/WFmCBxtpNSE   Although it is very close to deer season, this has been the first opportunity for me to mow my shooting lanes, fill the feeders and adjust the camera. I hope to post some follow-up big-buck-down videos in coming weeks....

https://youtu.be/cgsTpnxk-kA I asked my oldest son, Jesse, to video his last turkey hunt of 2016. Though he only had an iPhone and an iPod to record the hunt and he was limited on time due to his work schedule, I think he did ok. Definitely looking...

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