Northwest Territory Shower Tent Review

This Northwest Territory shower tent was a great addition to our camp site. The shower tent has two stalls, one for showering and the other stays dry so that you can keep your clothes dry and get dressed after the shower. The shower side of the tent has netting around the edge of the floor to allow the water to run out onto the ground. It also has pockets that are at about eye level so that you can keep your soap and shampoo in the shower while camping. The dry side of the tent has a small corner shelf to hold small items such as change, wallets and glasses. I also keep my clean change of clothes on this shelf while showering. There is a small loop in the center of the ceiling, we use the loop to hang our small lantern on and that works great for showering at night. the door and windows can open to reveal netting which allows plenty of airflow but keeps the insects on the outside. The top of the tent is also made of netting for air flow and it is covered by the rainfly. The long tent poles are metal and the tent poles that go across the top of the tent are fiberglass. With my son’s assistance we are able to completely set up the shower tent in approximately 10 to 12 minutes.

The only negative thing that I found with the shower tent is that it does not come with a partition to separate the dry side from the shower side. This is no problem at all though, I was able to hang a very cheap shower curtain as a partition and it worked great. If you dry camp and need a place to shower, this tent is definitely a good choice as it has plenty of room for showering and changing and it seems to be well made and sturdy. The actual shower is not provided.