My Ryobi Tools

These 18 volt cordless Ryobi tools are some of my favorite shop tools and a few are very handy on our camping trips. I purchased all of these tools at the Direct Tools Outlet Store which is located in the Tanger Outlets in our area. All of the tools that I have purchased there are remanufactured, but they work great and they are less expensive than buying new.
The batteries that I have are holding up well, some I have had for two years and they are used very often. The extended life battery definitely lasts longer than the standard 18 volt battery, but I haven’t tried timing the duration to see just how much longer it will go.
The drills are pretty generic, nothing really special about them but they do work good and they have held up well considering the abuse they take from me. I also take one drill on our camping trips. I use it to attach the counter top to the side of the camping trailer and it’s handy just to have because I never know what project I may come up with while on vacation.
We use the vacuum often to keep my wife’s vehicle clean but we also use it to keep the tent floor clean while camping. No matter how hard we try to keep sand and gravel out of the tent by leaving our shoes at the door, somehow it always manages to find its way inside. That may have something to do with our three kids that just have to run in and out of the tent. No matter the reason, the vacuum works great and it gets up all of the unwanted dirt.
The 4″ circular saw really surprised me, I thought it would work okay on some small projects and that it would be handy to use once in a while. I actually use this saw on most of the projects around the shop that calls for a circular saw. I like to use this saw rather than bringing out the bigger saw because its cordless and it can handle most of the work. I have even used this saw to rip full sheets of 3/4″ plywood with no problem. It’s also handy to take to the woods when working on projects at the hunting lease.
I use the radio daily in the shop, it tunes in to the local stations clearly and also plugs into my phone to play music. We use the radio to listen to music some while camping and also white noise at night.
I purchased the staple gun to use on the wooden flags and it works great. I did have an issue though during the winter months, it wouldn’t work when it was cold. At first I thought it was defective, but after placing it in front of the heater for a few minutes to warm it up, it worked great. That being said, this staple gun would probably not be a good choice for the construction worker that’s exposed to cold temperatures a lot but in a warm shop, I choose this staple gun over my air stapler any day.
The air pump is one of the tools that I take on every vacation, camping or not. I always carry a tire plug kit and the air pump in case of emergencies. On our camping trips we use the air pump for inner tubes, floats and air mattresses.
The small fan is also one of the frequently used tools in my shop. I have used it at my work table to keep cool, near the wood stove to circulate the heat and also to blow on or across a recently painted shop project to help dry the paint. We also carry the fan on every camping trip to circulate the air in the tent and to place on the picnic table to help keep the flying insects away from the food.
There are several other remanufactured Ryobi cordless tools that are available and I plan on adding them to my shop tool arsenal when I can.