How To Protect Your iPhone, iPod, iPad Charging Cords

Protect Your Charging Cords

My family has used Apple products for over five years now and we love everything about the ipod, ipad, and iphone except one small thing, the CHARGING CORDS. I have purchased numerous charging cords, in some cases to get the longer aftermarket cord but in most cases because the cord becomes damaged in just a few short months and is not in working order any longer. Some of the charging cord replacements were due to my oldest son not removing the cord from the device correctly, but other cords stopped working or came apart even when handled with care. This simple project has proven to extend the life of all of our charging cords and has prevented me from having to purchase new cords on a regular basis. This will work for any cord that you have as long as you have the heat shrink tubing that fits the cord you are protecting. I purchased the tubing at Walmart for just a few dollars. The package that I purchased came with multiple sizes and only two of the pieces were the correct size.

To add the heat shrink tubing to your charging cord simply cut a short piece, about an inch long, and slip it over the small end of the cord. Before putting the tubing in place, covering about half of the end of the cord, place a small amount of Gorilla Glue on the cord and then place the tubing where you want it. Use a lighter or heat gun to shrink the tubing around the cord being careful not to heat it too long in one spot. Once you have heated the tubing, let the glue dry based on the manufacturer’s directions. Now you’re ready to use your charging cord, with an extended life, thanks to this easy and cheap method that you can do in your own home.