How to install Grommets

Installing Grommets

I have had a lot of tarps over the years and it seems that they just don’t hold up for long periods of time, especially if you are pulling on the grommets a lot. We use tarps while camping and we also use 6 mil sheets of plastic as a tarp over our camp site.

First of all, you should always keep extra grommets with you in case something happens to your tarp. You can buy grommets at most hardware stores. Grommets are easy to install, you simply follow the directions on the package, there’s no real short cuts. The one thing that I do when installing the grommets in plastic is use Gorilla Tape or some type of Duct Tape. Decide where you want the grommet and put tape in that area. Then, place tape on the opposite side of the plastic as well. Once you have tape on both sides of the plastic, use the hole punch provided and cut the hole for the grommet through the tape and plastic. Once you have the hole cut, follow the directions provided on the package to install the grommet. When using tarps that have torn around the grommet, move a few inches away from the tear and place tape on both sides, then install the grommet just as you would in plastic.

Adding new grommets to old tarps could keep you from having to buy new tarps like I have done many times over the years.