Gander Mountain Mojo Cot Review

We camp a lot and I do not like sleeping on air mattresses. I had been looking at cots and comparing them for a while when my wife decided to get me the Gander Mountain Mojo Cot for Father’s Day, just a short time before the next camping trip.

The dimensions of this cot are 90” long x 36” wide and it sets 18” off the floor with a weight capacity of 350 lb. It is advertised on the box to have a one year 100% guarantee.

This cot is huge and at 5’8” tall and 210 lb., I have plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable.

The cushion is thick and it is one solid piece from one end to the other. The head of the cot has a thicker cushion to rest your head on. The cushion is attached to the frame with an elastic or bungee type cord. The cushion and cord are strong enough to support the weight so there are no metal rails to lay on for support.

The feet on the bottom of the legs swivel for uneven surfaces and they are wide so that they don’t damage the tent floor.

I used this cot on vacation that year, we camped in a tent for ten days and I slept on this cot every night. That is the best I have slept wile camping in years.

No more air mattresses for me.